Award winning Alloygator wheel protection prevents curb damage to wheels. Smart and cost effective, Alloygator is also quick and cheap refurbishment option.


While curbs and debris on the road have never been considered a tire's friend, many of today's tires resist accidental damage by featuring thicker rubber molded at key locations on their sidewalls. This helps reduce damage to the tires and/or wheels when drivers accidentally rub them against curbs while parking or turning sharply out of a driveway.

However, most standard tires don't feature rim protectors of any kind because they are frequently mounted on steel wheels. While this may initially appear to be an oversight, it is really done to accommodate the reality that most steel wheels use hubcaps to provide a more desirable appearance. The absence of a rim protector allows more flexibility in hubcap styling and how hubcaps are designed and attach to the wheel.

Tires featuring the raised rib adjacent to the bead or the deeply recessed bead area are designed to help protect low-profile tires and expensive alloy wheels from accidental curb damage. While tires featuring the raised rib or molded recess design will often thwart the use of wheel covers, this typically isn't a problem since these tires are customarily used on vehicles equipped with alloy wheels. It is a new, stylish way to protect your alloy wheels from minor scratches and knocks. These tough nylon rings fit securely between your tires and wheels to provide an extra shield of protection. They are a strip of flexible, tough plastic or rubber material that fit around the edge of the alloy wheel rims. The AlloyGator sits between the alloy wheel and the tire, not only protecting the alloy wheel but also enhancing its appearance. The system is available in fifteen different colors, so you are sure to find one which suits your vehicle and personal style. These colors include vibrant and stylish bright such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. AlloyGator also come in black, white and silver which give a more discreet appearance and can lengthen the appearance of your alloy wheels or blend in to your tires.

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