You may have a lot of horse power under the hood, and your car may be fast, but if it doesn’t look the part you’re going to be ignored down at the drive-in. A ground effects kit or body kit will transform your ride from anonymous to famous, and you may even gain some performance.


A body kit is a set of modified body parts or additional components that install on a stock car. Typically composed of front and rear bumper, side skirts, spoilers, paint jobs, and sometimes front and rear side guards and roof scoops. Body kits components are designed to complement each other and work together as a complete design. Despite this, the 'mix and match' approach is often seen on cars, where the front of one body kit will be matched with the rear of another.

Car Body kits are panels that replace or added and attached to your existing vehicle's platform. Most of the time, both the front and rear bumpers as well as the side skirts are replaced on the vehicle. Those are the usual components that make up a custom body kit. The style of the replacement panels vary drastically and can ultimately change the entire look and feel of your car's appearance. However, that is not always the case. We also offer add-on lips, wings, spoilers, splitters, fender flares and more. Whatever your flavor, we've got it covered from two door coupes to family sedans to trucks and SUVs; we've got something for your application.

We offer some very aggressively styled kits that differ dramatically from its previous design when it rolled off the showroom floor. You may not even know its the same car after you install a body kit.
Selective styles are race-inspired to help with aerodynamics; while others make your car appear to sit lower without ever laying a finger on the suspension. Car Body kits really make the car yours by taking your design preferences and applying it to the styling of the exterior of your car.
Body kits also give you the opportunity to replace body panels that have been damaged in a wreck. Custom bumper covers give your truck or SUV an updated face-lift to match that of current models. A simple bumper cover or add-on lip can bring your car back to life and not feel so dated. Sometimes if your body panels need replacing anyways, you can upgrade them to car body kits and other lightweight pieces.

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